Our TV Adventure


Last night, the girls and I did our part to represent homeschool families and show that it can be a neat way of life.  I think it went pretty well and it was surprisingly fun!

The show is a family program about issues like nutrition, education, special needs and such.  Originally, the topic was going to be schooling options and they were going to have a panel representing private schools, charter schools, cyber schools and homeschools.  Apparently the other people didn’t work out so they changed the topic to homeschools and also invited a representative from the local community college to talk about the college angle for homeschoolers.

They also said that one or both girls would be welcome to take part too if I wanted (and if they did).  The girls were thrilled!  Nervous and shy, but thrilled.

I was pretty nervous but I reminded myself that I love to to yap about HSing!  People can’t shut me up!  😉  So I just concentrated on that and tried to just go on autopilot.

The interview went really well and true to form, I did chatter happily all they wanted and then some!  It started out a little wobbly.  I said um a lot and had no idea what I wanted to say, but I have a gift of jabbering about nothing at all until a real thought comes into my head and it filled the gap until my brain came on! And after that, I occasionally actually said some intelligent things!  I’m pretty sure, anyway.

Victoria got to answer a few questions too, and Annalee even timidly talked a bit (and whispered in my ear once).  The college rep had glowing things to say about homeschoolers at her college and after the taping she asked me for the contact information to our two state organizations so she could make sure they knew that Riverland Community College was “homeschool friendly”!  She even asked Victoria to come attend classes through PSEO when she was old enough, though it’s a bit of a drive!

Daryl wrangled the boys and watched us on the wall when he could.  Todd, the man who coordinated the whole thing, gave each of the kids a little microphone keychain with the station logo on it and gave Jack some really cool disguise glasses.

The show will air late in February and should be viewable online.  If it’s not too awful I might even post a link.  😉

We also spent the night at a local hotel with a pool, so the kids were thrilled to get more swimming in.  We were in the birthplace of Spam and tried to make it to the Spam museum, but we just didn’t have the time.  Daryl wants to come back in the summer and visit that, along with some neat parks and lakes in the area.  In true homeschool form I had Anna read through tourist brochures and write up 10 interesting facts about the area.  Then on the way back we made a side trip to see Grandma and Grandpa for the afternoon since we weren’t too far away.

It was a great experience.  The girls are really happy that they got to take part and feel very proud of themselves (rightly so!).   I managed to remember how to speak and do a lot of it, and that’s enough for me!

This past year I’ve been trying to say yes to more things, even when they seem slightly terrifying.  This was one of those things and I’m so glad I did.  I highly recommend taking tiny leaps like this if you haven’t.  This was surprisingly fun.  And a learning experience!  😉



13 thoughts on “Our TV Adventure

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Alicia–well, maybe apart from the birthplace of Spam bit –can’t wait to see you and the girls on the show! And yes, taking little leaps into the unknown (or Nebraska) generally pays off. I’ve always liked the line: “In life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.” Well done!


  2. Oh, very fun. Love the glasses they gave Jack too. I liked seeing the t.v. screen with your name across the bottom, very cool, and am sure you yapped plenty. I’m excited to see the interview and would love to take a tour of the Spam factory, I hope you take lots of pictures.


  3. Sure!! The next time someone asks ME to do a TV show I’ll be sure to jump at the chance! ;D

    Well done for being brave and saying yes! Can’t wait to see it screened! 😀


  4. You have to post when it makes the internet – it will feel like we are all famous, too!
    Did anyone else think it was ironic to fill out the “anti-spam” word prior to leaving a comment? Do you suppose they address this issue at the Spam museum?


  5. How exciting, Alicia! I bet you guys did fantastic and I would also love to know when it airs.

    BTW, I got all the emails you sent. Thanks so much!! We plan on going to homeschool swim this week. The boys are really excited! Will you guys be going?


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    • It was supposed to be put online but they were backlogged and the show has been canceled so I don’t think it ever went up. We have a CD they gave us but I don’t know of anything on you-tube or anything, unfortunately.


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