A Conversation with Jack

Jack is quite the conversationalist.

Today at the library, Victoria came up to me and whispered, “Jack is so chatty!  He just walked over to the librarian and announced that he was 5 years old and started talking to her.”

I thought that was a perfectly nice way to start a conversation.  Good for him.  Chatty is good!

Then I walked over and handed him his library card so he could check out his books.  He was in mid-sentence.

“…. I told my mom I really want to try breastmilk.”


Okay, chatty is not that good!  🙂


4 thoughts on “A Conversation with Jack

  1. AWKWARD!!!
    I’m dying here…so you don’t have to. ;o)
    Good thing you aren’t planning on sending “Chatty” to school, that’s all I can say.


  2. Ahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids do that kind of junk to me all the time. This past summer, my boys shared some very awkward stories about breast milk and my breasts to my family.

    All I have to say is………..Boys! It’s a boy thing.


  3. Kids do say the darndest things! My five year old told my whole church we have rats in our back yard when he decided to contribute to the children’s story on a Sunday morning. “Big rats, and they are all over everywhere!”


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