A Package from Scotland

Daryl’s friend Polly sent us another care package this week.  We had a ton of fun with it!

Inside were the book “I Fought at Bannockburn,” milk chocolate tea cakes (filled with a sort of marshmallow cream and a cookie bottom), a music video postcard of Scotland and 6 bags of assorted Walker’s Crisps!

The Walker Crisp (potato chip) company has debuted 6 wild new flavors and the public gets to vote on which one they’ll keep.  Check out the flavors!

Not to worry, the Cajun Squirrel flavor is not only suitable for vegetarians, but it has no MSG or artificial colors!

I still don’t recommend it.  😉

We voted.  “Builder’s Breakfast” got the top votes by most of us.  It tastes strangely of bacon, scrambled eggs and pancakes.  Daryl rather liked the “Chili and Chocolate” and I’m not sure I had a favorite but “Onion Bhaji” might be it.

Alex preferred the chocolate tea cakes.  🙂


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