10 Fun things we've done lately #1

#1  Had Homeschool Day at the Petroglyphs

I host HS days at the Jeffers Petroglyphs and we had our winter event on Tuesday.  The theme was “Fun and Games” and it was a neat day.

Some highlights….

 Doing “Petroglyphs Mad Libs” and intros in the auditorium

Learning all about traditions of the tipi and listening to a fun myth about why dogs sniff each other’s tails…

Playing various Native American games…

Helping make “corn husk” dolls…

Playing marbles…

Exploring the “please touch” travois items…

Using the binoculars to look out at the prairie while a group returns from viewing the carvings…

Exploring around the tipi (with soft buffalo rug inside) and coloring area…

Learning how to throw darts (spears) with the atlatl.  There is usually a giant buffalo target out there but “Buffy” was blocked in the storage area so we got out a smaller deer target.

Afterwards, Daryl let the little ones just rush the deer with spears.   Don’t worry, they’re blunt tipped and parents were supervising.  No real deer were harmed in the making of this activity.  Void where prohibited….   😉

We finished the day with a fun feather relay race.

Everybody seemed to have a good time and it went well I think.  There was even some accidental education– everything from parts of speech to how tipis were made to the physics behind the atlatl and why it made such a difference in hunting for ancient cultures.  But mostly we just had fun.  🙂

The next HS event is in April and the theme is art.  The agenda for that one includes…

 April 16, 2009
Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Arts at the Petroglyphs

Join us for a day of fine arts!

  • We’ll have a wide variety of art materials on the site for you to use, from watercolors to colored pencils to oil pastels.
  • Bring your camera and take pictures of the beauty of the site or friends and family with our natural backdrops.
  • We’ll have Native American music playing and you can learn how to play the Native American flute.
  • We’ll have displays about some famous Native American artwork and handouts of native poetry.  We’ll talk about some of the neat forms of native art like “ledger art” and try our hands at that.
  • Students (and parents) can submit photographs, artwork or poetry from the day to be displayed on our web site.




2 thoughts on “10 Fun things we've done lately #1

  1. Great pictures! We had such a fun time. I see they have lots of events, not just for homeschoolers. Either way, we will be coming in April also. We’ve spent the rest of the week learning and reading about Native Americans and how they lived.


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