10 Fun things we've done lately #2

#2   Got a wonderful box of school supplies

The owner of a small town gas station nearby has become a sort of community drop off for lots of neat things.  We bring bags of books regularly and she has a bookshelf set up right in the gas station where people can take all the books they like.  She apparently gets donations from businesses and others and the last time we stopped in to donate, she said she had a box for us.  She found out we were homeschoolers and had put together a school supply box just for us.

The kids were thrilled.  There was so much fabulous stuff!  There were notebooks, folders, markers, pencils, pencil grips and several kinds of glue.  It was such a nice surprise and so generous.  The kids immediately began filling their new folders with art and writing stories to fill the notebooks.  There is something magical about brand new school supplies, or at least for my gang!


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