Two Math Card Games

I stumbled onto these two games and thought we’d give them a try sometime soon, modifying them to fit our needs…

Kids will practice: Addends of ten
How to play: Divide students into groups of four. The dealer passes out seven cards to each. (Face cards are worth ten, aces are one, and the rest are face value.) Students make piles of cards that equal ten (6 + 4, 9 + ace, 2 + 2 + 6, etc.). For every card they use as an addend, they get a new card. Then they repeat the process and see how many more piles they can make.

Kids will practice: Comparisons
How to play: Give each pair of students a deck of cards. Let the dealer pass out cards until they’re gone. The object of the game is to have the most cards by the end. For each round, you determine the rules (lowest card wins, closest to five, even number, etc.). Each student puts down one card, compares it with their opponent’s, and determines a winner. Whoever wins gets both cards. If both players have a winning card, put them into the “pot” for the next play.

From Scholastic.


2 thoughts on “Two Math Card Games

  1. Hi Alicia – Thanks for visiting my blog. I am loving your resources! I’ll be back to take advantage of them. Totally going to play those card games. Great idea. 🙂


  2. My kids love to play card games. I even bought them a little book of card games. I think that I will pull that out today and we will play cards. Now if I could just find the cards….


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