The Weekend in Pictures

Just sharing some pictures from life around here over the weekend.  Please don’t be fooled by the seeming serenity and calm.  Not shown:  the tears, the bickering, the yelling, the meltdowns, the sick kids, the wet beds, the arguments and so on.  But in the spirit of focusing on what you want more of, here’s some good stuff.  🙂

 Jewelry making

Puffed sparrows who’ve adopted us for the winter (the woodpeckers, blue jays, starlings, grackles and others come and go, but these little guys are permanent fixtures)

 The monkey platter of endless snacking

A message from Jack that I’m not supposed to show Tiffany… Translation: “I heart strawberries, I heart the waves, I heart green, I heart Jessie, I heart tic-tac-toe.”

Josie Bug– the world’s oldest, softest, mellowest and most loving cat, getting startled awake by a camera turning on

 Deceptively innocent looking sleeping toddler

View out the stairway window over jars of vacation shells

Block building

Pictures for our fabulous friend Nancy for her birthday

Dropping off artwork at Nancy’s and chatting amongst the turkeys, chickens, geese, cats & peacocks

Anna with her new $20 video/digital camera, reviewing a movie she made of Daddy playing a new bluegrass song he wrote for the dulcimer

Photo of Pepper Cat, the world’s weirdest cat, by Annalee

Dusk out the upstairs hall window

Another winter weekend survived.  🙂


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