A Particularly Pretty Migraine

Today turned out to be a really good day.

We sledded, had pancake races, saw good friends, ate fun food, went to a nature center, had a cupcake picnic and had french toast for supper (it seemed close enough to pancakes and sounded better to me).

Early in the day as I was leading a horde enthusiastic pancake racers in the snow, I noticed some giant lightning bolts of flashing diamond-like areas in my vision.  It was an ocular migraine, something I’ve dealt with since one day when I was pregnant with Victoria 11 years ago.  I had never had a migraine in my life before that day, and I’ve pretty much had them every day since.

Some days my vision just gets all wonky, like I’m looking through a camera I can’t bring into focus.  Sometimes the auras are all different colors.  Sometimes there’s just big spots where everything vibrates.

Today it was so sparkly I wished Victoria could see it.  And yep, I know how nuts that is!

Ocular migraines (or “auras”) typically come first and then the pain comes later.  The pain today came a few minutes later and got worse and worse as the day progressed.  The lightning bolts went away and I was left with a plain old migraine.  We kept doing fun stuff anyway.  I slept on the way home and threw up at the end of the day.  Which is why I’m not posting a billion pictures till tomorrow.

I had a dozen miscarriages before these kids and no migraines.  These children drive me up and down the wall several times a second, but if I have to live life with funhouse vision in trade then I guess I can deal with that.

Not that I don’t gripe and whine and get grumpy and act pouty plenty of the time, but today as I stood at the bottom of a sledding hill surrounded by laughing children running around with pancakes and sleds, I just watched the flashing lights and wished I could take a picture to show my kids.  It really was a particularly pretty migraine.

Prepare for a billion pics tomorrow.  Tonight I’m going to find some mashed potatoes and sleep and sleep and sleep.  🙂


4 thoughts on “A Particularly Pretty Migraine

  1. Have you ever been tested for anticardiolipins in your blood? It’s thick blood. It can cause miscarriages, blood clots, and migraines. I have them in my blood and take a baby aspirin every day to thin my blood and keep the headaches and migraines away. I had to take heparin shots during my pregnancies to prevent miscarriages because of the increased blood volume and chance for blood clots. I made it through 2 pregnancies and then lost my 3rd.
    Just a thought. I used to have headaches every day until I started the aspirin. I was told that the thick blood causes lack of blood flow to the brain. It explains the stars (I also get swirlies in my peripheral vision). Kind of like when someone gets stars from a head rush standing up.
    Looks like you all had a blast at the sledding party :o)


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