Fat Tuesday in Pictures (Part Two)

Here’s some pictures from the second half of our Mardi Gras day, which was also loads of fun.

Our family headed to Rasmussen Woods and Elks Nature Center, a lovely place that we used to visit years back.  Daryl stopped by recently while the kids and I were at our Valentines Day party and thought the kids would like it.  He was right!  They loved the place.

A few pictures, starting with….

Busted!  🙂

I stayed in the van with Alex for a few minutes after we got there, drinking some pop and trying to lesson my migraine.  When I got out, there was a police car parked behind us in the empty parking lot and the officer was writing notes!  Ack!  It was a bit alarming!  🙂  It turns out that when the staff worker opened the door for our family, he entered the wrong security code and the police came even after he explained it on the phone.   It’s nice to know they respond promptly!

Some pics of the inside of the place…

Jack asked me to read a book to him about worms and we learned how worms move, eat, reproduce and help the soil.  Afterwards he used his body to move the way a worm would…

… and drew a picture of a worm, complete with segments, for the staff member (whom he adored)

From there we went outside for a little king of the hill

Snowball flinging

and cupcakes!

Then the kids found this great…. thing.  It seemed to be a structure built of old Christmas trees!  We’re not entirely sure what it’s purpose was, but it was cool!

So I made them pose in it, which led to lots of falling over and getting stabbed in soft parts by pokey pine parts and general mayhem

But I didn’t care because I got some rather sweet pictures.  😉

Then the kids found yet another cool place and I took still more pictures….

It was a lovely way to end a fun day!


2 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday in Pictures (Part Two)

  1. That’s a great place for kids, not only for the bird viewing, all the things to look at and touch, the trails, creek, and pond, and that big rock (LOL! No kid ever just walks past, they have to climb it!) but because the people working there also seem to genuinely like kids. :o)
    You should have asked inside about that structure. I know they do some low impact winter camping outs there, to teach people the how to’s and let them experience it. Our kids helped build something similar but more primitive out there last year using Christmas trees and they’d said they were open to letting someone camp out in it if they wanted to.


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