Toilet Paper Day!

Yesterday was a snow day and we were fighting bugs and feeling bored.  We had to miss the last day of HS ice skating because the roads were too bad and I thought a little silliness was in order.

So I proclaimed it toilet paper day!

I had the kids retrieve a roll of cheap toilet paper and first we played toss with it.  We tried to toss it to each other so that the end would unravel as much as possible as it flew and tried to catch it without ripping it off.  Sometimes we got a pretty long tail!

When it was all tossed out, the kids had a blast throwing handfuls of it.

Jack swept it all up and then we moved on to a little math!

Victoria wanted to make mummies and I asked her to go look at the package and see how many feet of TP was in a roll.  They didn’t tell us that, though.  They told us how many square feet was in the entire package.  So we did some division, some multiplication, some measuring and figured out that one roll was approximately 125 feet.

After that, there was nothing to do but make mummies!

It was quite a lot of silly fun for the cost of two rolls of cheap toilet paper (which we used for runny noses, but could also be composted or made into TP play dough I suppose).

We could have extended the whole TP HS thing by making TP timelines, measuring out the longest whale or dinosaur in TP, taking a virtual tour of a TP factory or who knows what else, but we mostly just had fun.

“And what did you do in school today, children?”

“Played with toilet paper!”

My mother would be rolling over in her grave.  My dad would be smiling.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Day!

  1. This is hilarious! I can’t wait to try “toilet paper math” with my kids! The only problem is…we have a dog who likes to eat t.p. for some reason. He’ll just have to spend some time outside, I guess.

    Love the photos–I can tell everyone was having fun!



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