P Night!

We’re all in various stages of illness here, me and Alex especially.  Tonight we had an easy supper of pizza and peas, and it seemed a little too alliterative to pass up.  The kids and I declared it P night!


  • Had Pepperoni Pizza and Peas for supper
  • Ate in Pink, Purple and Pajamas
  • Had Pink ice cream for dessert
  • Were Polite and Pleasant
  • Were Particularly Preoccupied with using P words
  • Made up P vocabulary Pages

I was sick in bed but I gave Victoria the assignment of having each child write up a Page of P words.  I said the girls could help Jack spell a Page of them, and they could use a dictionary or thesaurus to find good ones for themselves.

I got busy with my sick boy and Painkillers, but in the middle of the night I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I went downstairs and there on the living room floor were 3 pages of P words, one by each child.

Their lists:

Jack ~ puppy, peas, pear, pasta, pumpkin, pineapple, pencils, poop, pool, potato

Annalee ~ Pacific, painful, painting, palace, pajamas, pancake, panther, paper clip, paradise, part, passport, pea, peanut butter, pearl, pencils, pebble, pencilvania  (G!)

Victoria ~ pabulum, pall, panacea, papaverous, paucity, periwig, perturb, paucity, photon, planish, plaudit

I was quite Pleased and Proud!  😉


3 thoughts on “P Night!

  1. What a perfectly, pleasing paedotrophy for passerby’s to paruse. And since I rather feel like Lemony Snicket…”What is meant by that sentence is…Way to go!”

    That would be a fun way to learn new words…thanks for the inspiration…I can see 26 weeks worth of fun because of this one post. You rock!


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