A Little of This and a Little of That

I’m still sick but I’m starting to feel almost human. Hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll all finally be back to normal. In the meantime, here’s a thing or two we’ve done despite me for various subjects…

Language Arts

  • Jack’s reading abilities have really been taking off! He’s starting to read easy books on his own and has taken to picking things up and reading as much as possible off the covers, packaging, etc. of anything he can find.
  • Anna & Victoria have both been reading the thesaurus for fun. Don’t ask me why. I had nothing to do with it! Victoria came up to me yesterday and asked if I knew that pacific was another word for calm (nope!) and Anna asked if she could stay up later last night and read just a little more of the thesaurus. Huh???
  • Daryl has been reading a novel to the kids about old time ocean life and they’ve picked up a lot of new vocabulary words. Example– an “expectation” was money given to a man going off to sea in exchange for getting a percentage of whatever spoils he came home with. If he did well you could make a lot of money but if he was lost at sea or did poorly you would be out your investment.
  • Anna made me a book of coupons as a get well present, promising things like manicures, pedicures and beads.
  • The girls have been reading tons of books, as always.

Social Studies

  • I’ve been reading a chapter book about the underground railroad to the big kids. At the end there were lots of facts about slavery, the underground railroad, Harriet Tubman and Dr. Alexander Ross (a Canadian doctor who used his love of bird watching as an excuse to help many slaves escape to freedom through the underground railroad).
  • They’ve been watching Liberty’s Kids on DVD.
  • We read from a book about explorers and talked about Marco Polo, Columbus and other explorers and found their countries of origin and routes on the map.
  • We discussed the traditional meanings of Ash Wednesday and lent.
  • We talked about Eli Whitney and the cotton gin, and its effect on slavery.


  • Victoria and I did lots of division and multiplication figuring out lengths of toilet paper and such for our toilet paper day.
  • Jack has been working in his new 1st grade workbook.
  • Anna has been doing lots of random math about time. For instance, she asked if she could climb into bed with me yesterday morning after Daryl and Alex got up. I said yes and when we got up later she announced that she got to snuggle with me for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Apparently this is a big deal in Anna land. 😉
  • We’ve been doing random math as it came up. For instance, Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 and escaped in 1849 so the kids figured out how old she was. Incidentally, she lived to be 93 years old!


  • Victoria has been doing lots of watercolor painting. She’s getting so good!
  • The 3 big kids have been doing all kinds of art on index cards for a bookmark swap they’re in. They’ve used stickers, crayons, pencils, markers and paint.
  • Bead collecting and jewelry making continues to be a huge thing with Jack, Victoria and Anna.

Science & Nature

  • Daryl and the kids have been doing a lot of bird watching and ID’ing.
  • Daryl took the kids to a local state park and they talked to the ranger about what birds and animals were in the area. They saw deer, a red tailed hawk, lots of small birds and a bald eagle.


  • We’ve been sick so there hasn’t been a lot of physical exercise at all! Once I can stand upright for more than a minute we’ll do some fun stuff. 🙂

This week I hope to….

  • Make balloon seedlings (more to come on that if it works)
  • Start a new read-aloud with the kids
  • Get some exercise in for all of us
  • Do some sit-down math with Anna & Victoria
  • Have Jack do more of his workbook
  • Have the girls each start one of the new historical comic books
  • Finish our bookmarks for our bookmark swap
  • Tackle some housework
  • Stop coughing 🙂

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