Square Root Day!

I’m still sick and have spent most of the day in bed or in the bath with Alex (who’s still sick too) but Daryl found out it was Square Root Day today and I couldn’t possibly not blog about that!  😉

Mental floss points out that…

Square Root Day is when the month and the day are the square root of the year. It only happens nine times in a century, and today (3-3-09) is one of those days.

They’ve got all sorts of great suggestions like cutting root vegetables into squares for dinner, writing square root poetry and they even have a picture of some squared roots on a badly confined tree.  🙂

And here ya go, a plethora of other places to find neat ideas to celebrate!

Here’s square root worksheets, square root flashcards and stuff like how to figure out square roots without a calculator.

Here’s an easy explanation of square roots and how to square numbers.

Here’s a page of simple square roots to find, with an answer key.

I would also suggest celebrating some of the square root times tonight (like 6:36 or 7:49) and doing some square dancing.

We’re having grilled cheese sandwiches (hey, they’re square!) with hash browns and diced carrots (squared root vegetables!).  Then I’m going to lie down and cough and moan some more.

Thanks to fabulous Daryl for compiling all these links and finding out about this fun holiday so all I had to do was type it up and fake perkiness.  😉



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