Teacher Tube

I just stumbled onto this neat website and thought I’d pass it on.  Everybody else probably knows about it but it was new to me.  🙂

Teacher Tube is a You-Tube solely dedicated to educational videos.  It’s free and seems to be full of videos on all sorts of subjects, from Marco Polo to Women’s History Month to the Distributive Property to the Perimeter Rap.

You can browse by educational level like elementary or by subject or by highest rated or most talked about.  Some looks a bit dry and some (like the “Be kind to your eraser” video and the “young sloppy brush” video) are definitely intriguing.  You’ll also find classics like old Schoolhouse Rock videos.

With a little luck my children will be getting their computer back on Saturday and can once again happily browse this and lots of other nifty educational sites again.  And play some Webkinz and do completely non-educational things again too.  🙂

And with a little luck I will once again have a cordial relationship with my lungs sometime soon too.  A girl can hope!


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