10 Fun Things…

… We’ve done lately

Well, I’ve been in a fog of sickness for what seems like forever but I seem to be finally over the worst of it and we did get some neat stuff in lately despite me.  Here’s some of the fun we managed despite everything.

1.  Celebrated Pi Day with pizza pie (you can’t tell but there was a lovely provalone cheese pi symbol on the top!), apple pie, pi sayings and lots of pi talk.

2.  Made hand lotion playdough in spring green!

3.  Donated a children’s book to our library from their wish list.  They put a special thank you stamp inside!

4.  Went on a nature trek at the state park. Daryl took the kids to give me some time to rest on Sunday and let them loose with binoculars and nature journals.  They tracked deer, ID’ed birds and generally had a fantastic time.

5.  Did a lot of reading.

6.  Did a lot of drawing.  I love this picture of “Fred” by Jack!  I bought it for a nickel.  What a deal.

7.  Enjoyed the outdoors.  Weather was absolutely spring-like this past week and the kids got the most out of it.  Daryl took them to several parks and lakes and they also just played in the yard, rode their bikes and scooters and soaked up the fresh air.  I even hobbled out and sat on the lawn swing under the big old pine in front of the house and just looked up into all those branches and felt thankful.  I thought it would make a good picture too, but I was too sick to hobble back in for the camera.  😉

8.Watched Weird Al.  The kids have discovered Weird Al’s cancelled children’s TV show thanks to Netflix and they’re all fans of his wacky humor.  Okay, so it’s not exactly educational, but it’s a lifesaver when you’re coughing up the last of your lungs and just want to go lie down some more.

9.  Had a fun playdate!  Monday we got together with Erica at her house for an early St. Patrick’s Day playdate.  It was such fun!  The kids had a blast and so did I.  

10. Rested.  I took this picture of Alex zonked at Erica’s and I thought it also summed up a lot of this week!

 I’m still a little bit sick and super weak but I seem to finally be getting better.  I can’t wait to get back to some fun stuff and to enjoy some more spring!




2 thoughts on “10 Fun Things…

  1. We had a lot of fun too, hope we can do it again really soon! And sorry about the mud out there, haha! I felt kind of bad sending your kids home all muddy 😛

    The play-doh looks great too, does it make your hands nice and soft?


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