And we're back!

Sorry for the short absence.  The site seemed to be down when I tried to blog Thursday morning and then we left for the in-laws’ for an overnight visit.

The reason for our trip?  To go and watch “our” TV program!  They finally ran it and we all sat around the living room and cringed.  😉

Victoria and I decided that we don’t care to see ourselves on TV!  It went about the same as I thought when we taped it, though, and at least none of us exploded or started speaking in tongues.

I am still battling this rotten illness and it turns out my FIL has been having a horrible time with the same thing.  I am so impatient to get my strength back (and to be able to lie down at night without feeling like I’m drowning).  It’ll happen, though.

Today we had a play date in the park with fabulous Lonni and her fabulous kiddos.  It rained and it was cold and we had a blast anyway!  🙂  Pics to come.


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