Eagle Pics

I posted earlier today about our trip out to watch the eagles fishing for winterkilled fish in the open spots on the ice.  Daryl read the post and asked if I’d like a picture.  He’s such a sweetie, he took Alex for a drive and they got some pics.

Here’s the lake from the van.  You can barely make out the specks that are the eagles, along with the crows and sea gulls that hang around for the scraps.

Here’s a bald eagle and his crow companion through binoculars and the camera (Daryl’s trick to make up for not having a great long distance camera!).


And another eagle with a couple of sea gull friends.

Here’s an article about winterkill, why it happens and how it affects the fish and the birds (like eagles, ospreys and gulls)  and animals (like raccoons and mink) that feast on the winterkilled fish.  Many of our area lakes have aerating fountains installed to keep parts unfrozen and oxygenated.  They look like small fountains in the middle of these rural ponds.  Since the water is moving it cannot freeze, and at least part of the lake and its inhabitants are safe for the winter.


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