Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

The other day, Daryl took me and the kids out to a nearby lake to see something.  We’ve had a lot of eagles in the area lately, and at this lake they were hanging out on the ice.  We all grabbed binoculars and watched as two eagles stood near spots where the ice had melted and watched and waited.  Apparently, when fish die over the winter, they’re trapped under the ice.  When the ice starts to melt in the spring, all those fish float up to the top of the water.  Eagles can be scavengers, and having an endless supply of frozen fish delivering themselves must have seemed like a pretty good deal.  Crows and smaller birds gathered behind the eagles, waiting for scraps.

I didn’t have my camera with zoom so they are nothing but miniscule dots in this picture, but it was a pretty neat thing to watch!


2 thoughts on “Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel

  1. Around here the eagles also go after duck carcasses from animals that died in the ice. I don’t recommend going bird watching near water in winter with sensitive youngsters for that reason! 🙂


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