Some Fun Ways to Teach the Parts of Blood

I love this quick project to show the components of blood!  I think I’ll add those supplies to the shopping list so we can do the same thing this week.  What a great idea!  (Thanks April!)

Here’s a similar experiment that I shared last year and we have still not managed to do.  🙂

Build a Blood Cell!

Materials needed:
ziplock baggie
some kind of cooking oil
cranberry jelly or red gelatin
a dark button
about 10-12 grains of rice

Put all of the ingredients into the ziplock baggie and squish around to mix.  The oil will separate and show blobs here and there.

Those represent the white blood cells, the cranberry or gelatin is the blood, the button is the cell nucleus and the rice represents platelets.

Have the kids draw what they see and label all the parts.

Look up a lesson on blood cells to go with your experiment and you are all set.  Be sure to remind the kids that what you are looking at is representational and that a true blood cell is thousands of times smaller in your body.

(Original author unknown)

My dear friend Jeanne did this activity a while back and changed it a little.  She didn’t think the nucleus was appropriate in this (I agree) and made some other improvements.  She wrote:

I decided after researching blood some more, to use the vegetable oil for the plasma (instead of white blood cells), jello for the red blood cells, a few golden raisins for the white blood cells and a few grains of rice for platelets.  I had no idea our plasma is 54% of our blood, 45% red blood cells, >1% white blood cells, and >1% platelets.

I highly recommend having smart friends do your experiments first to iron out the kinks.  😉

Lastly, here’s a page written for kids that describes all the parts of blood.  I looked and looked for a good blood coloring page or worksheet and couldn’t find one.  If you know of one, please let me know!

And now, we’re off to tap maple trees for syrup and eat a lot.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Some Fun Ways to Teach the Parts of Blood

  1. Very cool! I need to remember to search your blog for projects as we learn new things. You have the best projects!

    By the way, I can’t remember if I told you that I found you from Such Lovely Freckles. (I forget stuff…) Love your blog!


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