I may be gone for a while!  I’m writing this on Daryl’s laptop on dial-up, precariously balancing it so the cord doesn’t disconnect again.

Yesterday our phone company somehow changed something regarding our DSL connection.  They told customers via a recorded message that we might need to unplug our modems for 30 seconds to reset them.  Nice story.  Our router and modem are no longer on speaking terms, despite hours to tech support and computer-minded friends.

Adding to the headache– the hardware is all connected to the children’s computer, which is a powerful beast given to them by beloved family friends.  It is so powerful (compared to our ancient ones) that it causes problems with our old house’s wonky wiring.  When the furnace is running, it causes power surges that fry the computer.  We learned that the hard way, and now have a surge protector whose job it is to regulate the power to the computer and kick in with reserved power if it’s wonky, which is pretty much all the time if we need heat.

Did I mention we’re in a blizzard warning?

It’s already snowing, and if the children’s computer has already been put under house arrest by the surge protector.  So if we want it to recharge and work well enough to monkey with it for another 2+ hours with tech support, we need to turn off the furnace for 5 hours or so.


I have no idea when we get service again.  Nobody has been able to help in the least, and our small time phone company uses a rather small, weird bunch of stuff that seems to mystify anybody  who tries to help.

In the meantime I’m making myself useful cleaning.  Ew.  😉  I imagine the kids and I will make something for today’s “make something cool every day” job, and watch movies and all that jazz.  Just the same, I’m in a bit of withdrawal!

Let me just say I am not a fan of unplugging.  🙂  It is a delicate balance of long baths, chocolate and internet time that keeps me in good mama mode — and I’m out of chocolate.

And with that, I’m off to clean some more, read some more, homeschool some more, make some treats, do some more laundry, lead some crafts and look wistfully at the computer every few minutes.

Hope to see you soon!


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