Make Something Cool Challenge: Days 1-5

Just checking in for our “Make something cool every day” challenge.  Here’s what we’ve done so far….

Day 1:  Made colored bath cubes

Day 2:  Invented apple-raspberry iced tea (we steeped 3 green tea bags and 2 standard tea bags in boiling water and added hot water to make a gallon, and then added 1/3 cup of sugar and 3 big scoops of concentrated apple-raspberry juice)


Day 3:  Made altered spice containers for sand box play.  I gave the kids an assortment of spice tins that were either empty or stale and let them use acrylic paint, stickers and permanent markers to create their own line of fantasy spices.  Victoria thought she’d be clever and put hers back in my cooking supplies to surprise me.   They don’t strike me as very appetizing at all!  😉

Day 4:  Victoria and I made “secret recipe” KFC cole slaw.  She found it in one of my recipe books and requested it last week so I got the ingredients.  We made a bit of a mess but she had fun,  it made lots and it was pretty darn close to the real thing!


Day 5:  Anna took this wonderful picture of a Downy Woodpecker.  She and Daddy went for a drive yesterday to go bird watching and she snapped this picture before they even got out of our driveway!  She’s going to submit it to “Birds and Blooms” magazine.  We think it’s a fantastic shot!

It’s been fun taking part and it’s a good extra push for me to make sure we do something cool each day.  I like how open it is in terms of what we can do– cooking, art, crafts, photography and so on.

It’s also been nice that we often have done more than one thing that day.  Yesterday, for instance, Jack and Victoria also made all sorts of snow recipes.  They mixed fresh snow with milk and sugar to try to make ice cream and also tried honey, orange juice and pixie sticks <G> on top of various batches.   I didn’t get any pics of the process though and I love Anna’s photograph, so I went with that for yesterday’s project.  Other days I’ve had to scramble, like we made the tea at 11 at night!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Make Something Cool Challenge: Days 1-5

  1. I’m doing MSCE too and thought I’d stop by. Cute ideas! Looks like you and your kids have so much fun. I’ll have to try the apple-raspberry iced tea – it sounds yummy!


  2. Love the fantasy spices! I’m hoping to get back into normal homeschooling towards the end of the week, we have had family visiting and endless rain, so we are feeling somewhat out of sorts.
    Thanks for the inspiration – also, thanks for putting me in your blogroll! The blogosphere is lots of fun for making friends 🙂


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