Audition Day & Turtles Falling from the Sky

First off, today was was the first day of auditions for the Wilder Pageant.  Daryl and the girls went down to Walnut Grove to try out, and it was a little different this year.  Not only did they have to read various parts, but they had to play-act a different scenario each.

Anna had to pretend to bake a cake.

Victoria had to be a dancing penguin.

Daryl had to be a sumo wrestler doing ballet.

Methinks the director had a bit of fun this morning.  🙂

They won’t know what parts they got until next month.  Daryl may be Elias Bedal (the mayor) again, since he’s been doing it every year and does it well.

They generally change the children’s parts every year.  Victoria has been Carrie Ingalls and various local children.  Anna has been Grace Ingalls twice and various local children (twice she played Anna Nelson, a rude little girl who gets Laura’s beloved doll).  They had Victoria read for Nellie, but they usually cast older girls for Nellie so I don’t know if she’d get that role.

This will be Daryl’s 4th year in the pageant and the girls’ 5th.   It’s a ton of work but a really neat tradition.  Rehearsals will start in late May and performances will be in July.

Secondly, did anybody watch CSI this week?  Did you catch the death by turtle falling from the sky?  Just like the story I told you!  Now see, my wacky bits of odd trivia can help you figure out whodunnit in crime shows!  😉

We’re off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for Easter.  I’ll try to check in at some point.  Happy Easter!


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