What a fun day!

We met Erica and most of her gang at the Kastle Kingdom park in Windom today and had a really lovely visit!  The kids ran around and played and we got to yap (in between rescuing toddlers, putting shoes back on, mediating squabbles and all that jazz!).

We made them pose for a group picture but we couldn’t make them pose well!  😉

After our park visit, we all went to the wildlife office because some of “our” swans were out on Wolf Lake.  Our kids take part in the swan release every spring and some of the swans now come back and nest here.  This program has successfully reintroduced swans into MN so it’s really neat, and it’s even neater when you feel a personal connection to the swans!

They’re the white specks in the lake in the distance.  🙂

We all scattered in different directions to do our own things.

They had a display up about the 2006 swan release, with pictures of my smaller daughters participating.  🙂

Then my little guy took off to go exploring down the trails.

Till he finally said, “Please, no more papparazzi!”.  😉

We ended our day in Windom with ice cream cones and Alex was asleep before we hit the highway.  Jack ate his cone and then followed suit.  He stayed awake long enough for us to stop and turn around on the highway to watch about 8 wild turkeys cross the road and head down to the river.  We rolled down the windows and told them to run as fast as their little turkey legs could carry them, which they did, which is really, really funny to watch.  😉

Daryl dropped me off at home and took the rest of the kids off to enjoy the day some more.  What a dad!  What a husband!

And I spent my time working very hard on housework and very important things…. Ahem.  Or I checked my email and blogged!  That’s important, right?!  😉

Anyway, it was a great day.



3 thoughts on “What a fun day!

  1. Alicia, what a beautiful post. I love that you and your family make the most of the outdoors, whatever the season (probably because we try to do this, too 🙂

    Thanks for a glimpse into your neck of the woods, it is a lovely place!


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