A Little History

Okay, so today is tax day here in the states.  That’s not all April 15 is famous for, though!  Here’s a few more notable things that happened on today’s date…

Abraham Lincoln died in 1865.

The Titanic sank (as the band played on) in 1912.

Jackie Robinson donned the Dodgers uniform and “broke the color line” in major league baseball (1947).

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452.  So were Catherine the first of Russia (1684) and blues great Bessie Smith (1898)

And in 1955, Ray Krok started a little restaurant franchise called McDonalds.

There ya go.  So in honor of today you could sing a little song, play a little baseball, grab a little drive-thru, do a little art, talk a little about Russia, and stay away from boats and theaters.   😉


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