Balance Beams, Foam Pits and Heaps of Fun

Friday we headed to Mankato to take part in a “Gymnastics Sampler” that our fabulous HS friend Lonni organized.  She rented the gymnastics building for an hour and divided the cost up amongst the kids.  It ended up being $1.30 per child for a TON of fun.

There were balance beams….


Play areas and props…

Rings and Bars…

And a foam pit 9 feet deep to dive into!

That was just the start of the fun we had on Friday and Saturday, but it was a fabulous start!  We all got worn out in the best possible way.

I’ll share more of the neat stuff we did tomorrow.  It was a really wonderful couple of days… punctuated by squabbles, blow-ups, tears, mayhem and the usual issues but really pretty fantastic anyway.  🙂


One thought on “Balance Beams, Foam Pits and Heaps of Fun

  1. Looks like a wonderful day. And I could so see Anna getting into gymnastics–a sport with enough of a drama / performance angle for her! 🙂


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