A Walk in the Park

Friday after the Gymnastics Sampler, we invited Lonni and her kids to meet us at 7 Mile Creek Park.  We all hit drive-thru and headed out there for a picnic and some fun.

It was such a good time!  The temperature got up to nearly 80 and we even got light sunburns.

The kids wanted to climb this monstrously steep path and we ended up saying okay as long as they took the somewhat less monstrously steep way up.  The whole trek reminded me of something Free Range Kids would approve of!  This picture does not do it justice!  Our kids are the specks in the middle, near the top.  🙂

Jack was thrilled that Lonni’s “big kid” teenager let him come with him a more roundabout way on the way down.

And Anna brought me flowers (yes, the obligatory wildflower picking talk followed!)

My little guys played

And Anna took Alex around the slide

Mostly the girls hung out, talked and told us how hot they were.  😉

So we decided to talk a walk down to the creek!

And it was a matter of seconds before Victoria was in it  🙂

And Anna too!

And then Cami too!

The kids had a blast in the freezing creek and even found some tiny fish that nibbled their toes!  They tried in vain to catch them.  🙂

Yes, Victoria is certifiable.

But it really did look like fun.

Then we headed back to warm up and dry off.

Thank goodness for dry clothes!

Lonni and her gang had to take off so we said goodbye and then bribed our kids with cookies to take a family picture and head out.  😉


It was really a magical day.  🙂




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