Baby Chicks, Silly Games & Fun Friends

We got together at Erica’s house again today and had another great time.  Our boys match up so well and the girls and I adore Erica and her boys.  🙂

Here’s a bit of the fun we had today….

We got to meet their new baby chicks

And even dug up some tasty bugs to feed them!

Erica made a fantastic lunch

…that we followed with some outside play.

The kids get along so well!

I love how the big kids take care of the little ones.

And I loved these shots of Erica’s boys.  🙂

We also did a little bit of Circle Time and played “telephone.”  I brought a classroom idea book for April and it had a reader’s theater play about raining food that the kids read with much giggling.  They played “Chutes and Ladders,” watched TV, talked, played, got injured, got better and generally wore themselves out nicely!

And I got to yap with Erica, which is always great fun for me.   🙂

Tonight I made a really elaborate lasagna with about 6 cups of assorted veggies, tomato sauce, homemade alfredo sauce and tons of various kinds of cheese.  It barely fit in the pan and even my picky eater Annalee had fourths!  Even better, there’s lots for lunch tomorrow.

The kids and I finally got some seeds started that I’ve meant to do for a month.  We planted cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, cilantro, sweet basil and an sugarbaby watermelons.  I know it’s late but better late than never, right????  (Fingers crossed!)  And it’s better than too early, which I’ve done many times and ended up with leggy plants that keeled over long before it was warm enough to transplant them.

There’s a reason I don’t start seeds most of the time any more.  I’m a bit of a train wreck.  😉

On the agenda for tomorrow… cleaning up our wetlands for Earth Day, tilling part of the garden and planting some early crops like lettuce and beans, getting some exercise outside, cleaning (really!  I must this time!) and finding some fun way to do a bunch of math!  And whatever else comes up….



3 thoughts on “Baby Chicks, Silly Games & Fun Friends

  1. Looks like a wonderful day. And if you are zone 4 like us, you aren’t late on planting seeds at all! We’ve put some flowers in pots outside (pansies, violas and snapdragons, all of which can take a frost) and have planted peas. We’re going to be starting tomatoes and a few other seedlings inside this weekend–the boys are keen to set up a permanent herb garden on our sunny south-facing bay window sill.


  2. Ohhhh, you got some great pictures! We had so much fun today also 🙂

    I’ll admit, I think I had as much or more fun than the kids when we played Telephone lol! i haven’t done that since I was a young kid, well over 15 years!

    The seeds are better planted now than never, I’m sure they will do just fine. I’ve waited this late in the game before also 🙂


  3. Tomorrow is the day for our planting, you are definitely not late 🙂

    And, in a few weeks our chicks are coming! That should make for some interesting blogging…


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