Betsy's 117th Birthday Party!

We have been so busy with fun stuff that I haven’t had a chance to blog about any of it!  Here’s something fun we did recently, though.  The girls took part in a Reader’s Theater production of “Betsy’s Birthday Party” for the Betsy-Tacy Society in honor of what would be Betsy’s (Maud Hart Lovelace) 117th birthday.  Victoria played Tacy and Annalee played Tib.

They had the most fabulous time!  There was a nice little crowd and they did a fantastic job!

They all had to dress in black and only had a few props to flesh out their characters if items came up in the play.  The play was adapted from the story in one of the Betsy and Tacy books (adapted by Daryl) and it was read by the cast in Betsy’s restored home.

Here’s some pics………

Getting ready ahead of time…


The cast!

 Having birthday cake and fun afterwards…


The girls became fast friends with “Betsy”

They all headed to Tacy’s house afterwards to make May baskets

 They had a great time and had a really magical day.

(Full disclosure, lest this sound too rosy and fabulous…  I had a rather miserable day and was very short-tempered by the end of it!  I was on little boy duty for hours during the rehearsals and developed an awful migraine.  Two different men made me feel bad and I was overwhelmed by the crowds and inability to move whenever I needed to do something.  The kids had a really wonderful time so I soldiered on, but I wasn’t too chipper by the end!  🙂  Afterwards, Daryl dropped me off alone at thrift store with some cash and told me he’d be back in a half hour.  Bless his heart, he knows exactly how to fix me.)

Our schedule this week:

Thursday: Jack’s birthday and party in town

Friday: Victoria’s birthday and May Day party in Mankato

Sunday:  Alex’s birthday in Iowa with Tiffany and gang

Yes, 3 birthdays this week.  Send strength.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Betsy's 117th Birthday Party!

  1. sounds like it was a wonderful experience (other than the migraine and such)…going to go order those books from the library now!

    alicia…i’ve been a migraine sufferer since childhood and i can SO relate. wondering if you’ve tried, as i did, everything out there to try to get them under control? in my teens and twenties i was getting them so frequent i seriously felt disabled, and i exhausted all possible treatments that i knew of at the time…to no avail.

    later i finally fell upon homeopathy which helped a lot at decreasing frequency and severity but after i discovered vicodin took the edge off the pain, i also discovered that it seemed to antidote my homeopathic remedy (i was NOT willing to give up the wondrous pain relief of vicodin, though…so i kept looking)…finally found a dr that gave me amitriptyline and darned if it doesn’t take me from 3-5 (sometimes more) migraines a month down to just one every few months! ah, relief!

    i hope you can find something that works for you as well. i had pretty much given up on anything ever helping me…but then i was reminded that there’s been a lot of advancements in medicine since i had last tried modern medicine and i was ecstatic to finally find something that worked!

    just wanted to share, in case something here might help you find relief. migraines seriously SUCK!! do you get the aura beforehand? i get that and often a travelling numbness, talk about gross! bleh.


  2. I have the Betsy Tacy books sitting here and have never picked them up and to read with Sweet. I should do that sometime.

    I get migraines every once in a while and they completely shut me down. I usually end up in bed, in a dark and quiet room with a cold washcloth over my eyes. I don’t like to take medicines if at all possible so try this route before taking any. It usually helps my headache so I can function but if it doesn’t I end up taking a migraine medicine perscribed by the Dr. He gave me 7 pills for migraines 2 years ago and I still have 6 of them.

    What did you find at the thrift stores?


  3. Tina, I’ve been to neurologists in 2 states and have one at the Mayo that has run a zillion tests. He tells me I have “atypical ocular migraines.” I get the auras almost every day and a sort of disorientation with them. I am really good at blocking the pain much of the time but I do get really spacy and irritable and have a sort of sensory overload if there are a lot of lights or people or movement. I get the follow-up headache about half the time, but sometimes I just have the ocular disturbances.

    I’ve tried all sorts of meds over the years but I’ve been pregnant or nursing so much of the past 11 years that I haven’t been able to do much. My neurologist told me to treat them with caffeine and ibuprofin, and I use that and as much dark as I can manage. 🙂

    The bright side about it all is that the Mayo is full of fabulous sculptures and art to look at with the kids and last time I went I had an MRI (among other things) and got the doctor to let me bring the kids in to see my brain. I am such a HSer. LOL The doctor thinks I’m insane.


  4. Gerky, the thrift shop haul was….

    3 pairs of shoes for me, including some sweet kitten heels!

    2-3 articles of clothing for each of the kids

    A huge ugly paper organizer that I had Victoria decoupage for me to sort the mountain of paperwork on my counter.

    Probably more, but that’s all I can remember. 🙂


  5. Oh, Alicia, those photos are priceless. What a great experience for all the children. Your kids look so beautiful in their costumes. I cannot believe I have not yet gone to any Betsy Tacy parties. They sound so wonderful. I hope the birthday party for Victoria goes well. I would love to celebrate with all of you but I don’t think it is going to happen this year. Thanks for sharing all the BT photos. Really fun to look at! Hope the migraines settle down and you can enjoy the upcoming celebrations. Take care….


  6. Great pics… looks like fun!

    Thanks for playing Make Something Cool Everyday in April! I had a great time and met some cool new friends, hope you did too! Please come read this. I’m planning to do a wrap up.



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