Buried in Birthdays

Pant, pant.

Okay, Jack turned 6 on Thursday and he had a party in the park here in town with friends.

Victoria turned 11 on Friday and she had a May Day party in Mankato with more friends.

Anna and Victoria had 3 soccer games between them today on Saturday and we had to unpack from the May Day party and pack for tomorrow.

Tomorrow Alex turns 2 and we’re meeting Tiffany and family in Iowa to celebrate.  They’re taking Victoria back to Nebraska for a week with them and we’re spending the night in a motel in LeMars, which is the ice cream capital of the world ya know!

I did so much running around in heels at Victoria’s party that today I can barely move.  I cuss under my breath with every step when I have to go down stairs.  🙂

I’ll be back on Monday and will post a billion pictures of all the fabulous fun we had.  Anna has soccer practice and I have to unpack and vigorously clean the house.  And then I am going to rest!  For like a month!  With chocolate.


3 thoughts on “Buried in Birthdays

  1. Why on earth would you wear heels to a child’s birthday party?!?! Ouch! LOL! Hope they all had great birthdays!



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