The Loon Cam & Loon Blog

The loon is Minnesota’s state bird but it’s also just a particularly neat one.  It has a haunting call, it’s elusive enough that it’s a treat to see one, it’s quite pretty and it has all sorts of interesting things that make it unique.

Minnesota Bound’s Loon Cam lets you peer at a pair of them right up close!  The camera is set on a pair who are currently taking care of two eggs that should hatch by the end of the month.  In the meantime, we can watch the mom and dad take care of their eggs and ride out the sometimes turbulent weather.

Be sure to click on Larry’s Loon Blog and read that too.  It’s fabulous!  I learned a ton about loons just in the first two entries.  Did you know that unlike most birds, loons’ bones are not hollow?  Do you know why?  Did you know their eyes are sometimes red?  Do you know why?  Neither do experts for that one, but they have theories!  It’s really well written, engaging and interesting.

There’s also a loon chat room, mailing list and more.  This would make a great little project to watch with the kids, especially as the eggs get ready to hatch.


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