5 Fun Ways to Learn Today

We’re off to civilization for groceries, with a stop at the lake on the way.  I’m miserably sick again (still) but I seem to always be sick these days and we need groceries. No rest for the wicked!  😉

Here’s some fun ways I’m going to try to work in a little learning along the way.

1.  Learn some botany terms and start a family quest to find everything in the Botany Scavenger Hunt

2.  Try to buy foods from 10 different countries at the supermarket today.  Find them on the map.

3.  Do a math relay race in the van.  Start with a number and have each of us take turns calling out something to do with it and finding the new number and “handing” it to the next person.  For example, start with 13 and call out “Anna, times 2.”  Anna hollers out “26!  Jack, minus 3.”  Jack hollers out “23, Victoria, plus 81” and so on.   We’ll see how long we can keep the chain going as a family.

4.  Try to write a family song together.

5.   Bring a world atlas in the car and take turns calling out capital cities.  The first person to name the country the city is the capital of gets to become the new caller.


2 thoughts on “5 Fun Ways to Learn Today

  1. I love the math relay race in the van. We spend so much time in the van traveling to and fro that this would be a great way to get some extra math practice in! Thanks for the idea.



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