Little House Parts

We found out what roles Daryl and the girls will have in the Wilder Pageant this year.  The news was a wee bit disappointing.

Victoria will be Lottie Bedal.  She has one line.  She and Anna have been acting in the pageant for years (this will be their 5th) and they know practically every child’s line in the whole 2 hour production by heart.  Both girls are also really good actresses, so it’s a bit of a bummer.  She’s very happy for her good friend Linnea, who gets to be Laura this year though.

Anna will be Anna Nelson again.  She doesn’t have lines but she has a moderately important part of being a particularly bratty little girl who ends up with Laura’s beloved doll, Charlotte.  The part involves things like fake crying, stomping on Charlotte and sticking out her tongue.  Anna is an excellent actress and does bratty well, but she’s really tired of being cast in this role!  She played Grace Ingalls the first two years and has played Anna Nelson ever since.  She’s ready for a change but she’s accepting her fate.

Daryl is playing his regular part of mayor Elias Bedal, but he is also playing Reverend Alden.  Both parts are big, but the reverend’s scenes are all in the first half and the mayor’s are all in the second, so it’s technically possible.  It will be a lot of walking for his legs and that may end up being an issue but they’re going to try to minimize stairs and walking for him.

They took the photos for the program last weekend.  Here’s Elias and Anna coming out of the barn behind the set after they took theirs.

Rehearsals should start soon, and the boys and I will suddenly have lots of quality time together in the evenings.

I hope it’s a good season.  Two months of pretty intense chaos is about to begin.  🙂


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