10 Fun Ways We've Learned & Played Lately

Sorry for being so quiet.  We’ve been very busy and I’m still very sick.  We’ve managed to do lots of fun stuff though.  Here’s a peek………….

1.  The kids found an Oriole’s nest at the state park that the ranger said they could take home.

It was so soft!

2.   Victoria and Anna finished their regular soccer season for the year.  Both teams made it to the tournament and Anna’s team finished undefeated!

3.  I got Victoria a subscription to New Moon Magazine for Girls, which comes with a year’s membership to their online community too.  She loves it and I love the spirit of the company.

4.  The kids cleaned up their wetlands.  We’ve adopted two “waterfowl production areas” (marshy lands that are put aside for habitats for ducks and such) through the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the kids did their spring clean-ups.

Yes, they found a teddy bear!

5.  Alex and I made “5 minute no-knead bread so easy a four year-old could make it.”  It turns out I’m not smarter than a 4 year-old, because I noticed at the last minute that it called for “instant” yeast and I had to search online to find out what that even was, and then tinker with the recipe to make up for the fact that all I own is regular baking yeast.  It worked out anyway, but it took so long that Victoria ended up asking “Wouldn’t it just be easier to knead the bread?” and I kinda agreed.  😉  It was tasty though!

6.  We played kickball at Erica’s (and played and talked and saw a baby robin and lots of other fun stuff).  We all love to go over there!

7.  Jack, Anna, Victoria and I played insect rummy.  I helped Jack win, much to the annoyance of his big sisters.

8.  The kids spent a lot of time at the lake.  They all absolutely love it there, especially Alex.  The park ranger at the state park had shown them a heartworm in a bucket of water and they were able to ID one that they found at the lake later.  They also ID’ed birds and bones and all sorts of other nifties — and just had a blast every time.

This lake is on our way home from the city where we get groceries, so we try to make a stop whenever we can so the kids can have some fun even on busy days.  Daryl looks for sharks’ teeth (he’s found over a hundred prehistoric ones) and arrowheads.  The kids just play!

9.  Jack, Alex, Anna and a friend played in the mud!  You should have heard the laughter and seen the state of my bathtub afterwards.  🙂

10. Erica let Victoria adopt a chicken whom she named Gertrude (Gert or Gertie for short) and she’s absolutely over the moon.  She’s going to contribute feed for all the chickens to help with upkeep and she catches bugs to feed Gert and so on.

Anna did not adopt a chicken but she looks so cute with a chicken on her shoulder that I had to post pictures of her too!

 We’ve also done lots of gardening, cleaning, walking, reading, cooking, visiting and so on.  Now if we can only kick our colds, ear infections, eye infections, respiratory infections and other miserable crud…  My fingers are crossed!  The doctor says spring is here and to be patient.  At month four it’s quite hard for me to be patient but I’m doing my best and I know that in the grand scheme of things we’re still very lucky!

Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned & Played Lately

  1. Wonderful fun! Thanks so much for sharing through words and pictures how you spend the day.
    Cute chicken. We often talk about getting some but my neighbors would hate it. We live in town too. Bummer.
    I like the insect rummy game. I’m thinking of making my own play cards for my son to learn facts about history, science, language arts, etc.


  2. Oh that nest is so very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one! We have plenty of barn swallow nests here lololololol. Not nearly as cool I guess.

    We really enjoyed your visit last week also. Kickball was a lot of fun, next time hopefully we’ll have more time for a longer game. With a catcher at home plate of course lol!


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