Flown the Coop

I just went and checked on the baby ducks and saw that there’s nothing left but broken egg shells and a whole lot of feathers.  The parents have apparently led their babies off to the lake and they’re starting a new life.

What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday that little bitty nesting box was so crowded with that long-suffering mama duck and a whole mess of noisy, boisterous kids.

Victoria commented that she seemed to have the patience of a saint.  They were climbing on top of her and each other, jostling, fussing and generally being a roomful of feathery kids.

Today she and Daddy are teaching them to catch their own supper and soon enough they’ll go their own ways.  Ducks sure speed this family life business up, don’t they?!

The site of that empty nest is enough to make me count my blessings and remember that my own nest full of loud and crazy babies is temporary too, though.  Maybe that’s why she was so patient, because she realized it would pass so quickly and soon they’d be off on their own.

Or maybe she’s just a duck.  😉

In any case, it was a good reminder of why I homeschool.  I want all the minutes I can get with these boisterous little people.  I want to be the one to teach them to catch bugs and fish (so to speak) and to take them to the lake to learn about life.

If they’re going to drive anybody crazy, I want it to be me!

More of today’s mayhem here

 Enjoy your babies.  Soon enough they’re going to be off catching minnows.  Or something like that…


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