5 Fun Ways to Learn Today

1.  Have the kids take 3 things out to try to attract ants and guess a) which food the ants will like best and b) how long it will take for the first ant to try to carry some home.  If you’re feeling fancy, graph the results!

2.  Have the kids use slingshots to shoot mini marshmallows at each other and try to catch them in their mouths.  They have to ask each other a question first (what’s 6×7?  name 3 presidents…) and kids earn a marshmallow if they get it right.  We played this in the park with a whole gaggle of HS friends once and it was a hysterical hoot.

3.  Have them write the times tables on their arms and see if it helps them learn them by heart over the week.  A fabulous HS mom I know says it worked for her daughter!

4.  Have the kids launch spitballs with straws at a USA map and then name the capital of whatever state they hit.  😉

5.   Play division games with chocolate chips.  Each time they have to solve a division problem with the chocolate chips as manipulatives, and eat the remainers.  Have them call out problems to try to get as high of remainers as possible!  Keep going till you get down to none.

We’re off to the lake to play!  We’ll launch our own spitballs and such this evening.  🙂


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