To Grandmother's House We Go!

We’re leaving in a few for the metropolis of Mankato, to hopefully meet up with the fabulous Lonni and her fabulous kiddos and then to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  Daryl needs to use Grandpa’s fancy woodworking tools and we need a visit.

Besides, every so often we have to wander into civilization so my kids know what stoplights and malls are.  😉

It’s unseasonably cold and rainy, so a dip in the lake might not be an option.  We may hit the freebie day at the county museum with L&co. and who knows what else.  We have a standing invitation to stop by at some lovely homeschoolers’ house that’s halfway there and the delightful mom happily informed me that she never ever cleans, which makes her a woman after my own heart.  They have their own pond and delightful kiddos of their own, which makes them kids after my kids’ hearts too!  We’ll see if it works out.

Maybe we’ll do some spelling words in the car or have the kids do the readers’ theater script of The Great Kapoc Tree, just to be educational.  Or maybe I’ll take a nap and the kids will squabble for two hours.  Whatever!  🙂

Have a great weekend!


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