Because Mama is Snobby and has the Attention Span of a Gnat

My girls are spending 3 days at a Survivor day camp in Lakefield this week and Daryl is off in the wilds of Lakefield with them this afternoon.  This afternoon the library here in town sponsored “Underwater Day” at the community center during library club.  That sounded like something that would be perfect for two little boys.  I’m sleep deprived and have a migraine, but hey, it was underwater stuff.  There could be sea creatures.  There could be tasty treats.  Sometimes you have to suck it up and be a good mom.  🙂

So… the boys and I went this afternoon.  It turns out it was two staff people from the Mall of America’s Underwater World.  One of them had laryngitis and sat there sniffling a lot.  The other one talked a lot.  With pictures he held up while he taught us things.  Things we already knew.

Yeah, speaking of underwater creatures, I am such a crab!  😉

The guy seemed nice enough and it was a very nice free program.  Just the same, we are lucky enough to have been on a lobster boat and a seal-sighting tour in Maine, we’ve been to coastal museums, poked dead jellyfish with sticks,  beach combed in several states and have had a wonderful afternoon on the sea with this guy.  Heck, we hang around wetland offices with the staff and do neat stuff on an average Tuesday.  Listening to someone talk about camouglage in a monotone just pales, ya know?

And even if you have never set foot near any water, there are ways to teach children (and grown ups) that makes it fun!  Engaging!  Hands on!  Or at least that don’t suck all the fascination out of a really fascinating subject.

(Oops, speaking of crabby…)

So after listening to the speech for 20 minutes, we were told to get in line and we’d all get a turn to touch various “artifacts” (dead things — shells, part of a small shark and so on) with one finger and pet 2 types of fish that they brought along.We ended up dead last in line.  The children poked things VERY slowly.  The line didn’t move.  I chatted with Jack about what sea creatures he could remember from our trips.  I kept Alex from running out the fire escape.  I smiled and smiled and waited and waited.

La la la la la….

And then I asked Jack if he’d rather go to our house for ice cream and do our own underwater stuff.

“No,” he said, “I’d rather wait and pet the fish.  Then we can go home and have ice cream.”


“No honey, it’s either/or.  We’ll have ice cream instead, or we can stay and skip it.”

His face registered a look of panic.  He thought for approximately .0003 of a second.  Home sounded great!

I know, I’m so terrible.  Bad mama.

So we went home and while the ice cream softened we made paper plate fish…


Played Go Fish…


Watched “Shark Tale”…

“Mom, stop taking pictures, you have to hit play.”   🙂

And ate ice cream.


I know I’m a big creep for bribing my boys to leave their little underwater activity and for being so snarky about the thing.

On the other hand, it’s not like I don’t give them plenty of really fun underwater stuff anyway…


And now Jack is watching his video, Alex has dropped off to sleep and I have a date with some Exedrine, caffeine and a hot bath.  Today, that’s my kind of underwater.  🙂



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