Administrative Error Costs Kids Their Summer Vacation

Students in two elementary schools in California have been told that class has been extended an extra 34 school days, until July 31, because of an administrative error that would have cost the district millions of dollars.

“We made an error on the minimum days of about five minutes,” said Dickson Principal Sue Pederson. “Realistically, that’s our accounting mistake as adults. We’re unfortunately making the children pay for it by making them give up their summer.”

The school accidentally had 34 days that were mere minutes too short, and according to law those days must be made up in full or the district will lose more than $7 million in funding.

“The penalties for not meeting the instructional time requirements are high, much higher than just making up of the time,” said Hilary McLean, spokeswoman for the state Department of Education. “It was the intent of the Legislature to make the penalties so stiff [in order] to discourage districts from shaving off minutes here and there.”

The parents and children are supposed to be placated by the fact that they’re going to have lots of art, music and hands-on science projects that they rarely get to have these days because it’s all been cut to focus on the tested subjects.  They’ll also get a valuable head start on next year’s curriculum!   How can swimming, traveling and summer camp compare to that?

Read the whole story here.


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