Ant Science

We’ve had a sudden influx of ants at our house, which someone informed me is related to the wet weather (they’ve been flooded out of their homes and are moving to higher/drier ground).

Victoria was a little bothered by our little visitors and I told her that I’d read that ants won’t cross a chalk line.  I suggested we could do a science experiment and make chalk lines in front of our entrances and see if it worked.

All of the sudden, her eyes lit up.  “We could make ant mazes!” she announced.  Jack and Anna jumped right on the idea.  They want to find some ants in the driveway and draw some lines around them, see if we can get them to go in certain directions with our designs.

Victoria says we should put sugar at the end of the maze to reward them.  Anna suggested chives.  We didn’t think they’d be wild about chives.  Guess that’s another experiment….  🙂


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