Fun Animal Classification Game!

This interactive game is lots of fun!  Drag the characteristics to the right animal group and if once it’s full a little animal will appear above it.  The game will keep track of how many you get wrong and you can retake it if you like until you get 100%.

If your kids think they already know a lot about animal classification (for instance, which group has rubbery eggs, which has babies that drink milk and which has webbed feet), have them take it first and then go to the main site to explore the ones they got wrong.  If they need some instruction or review first, they can click here to read up about each group and then move on to the game.

Try it yourself too!  Can you get them all right?  I missed three the first time.  Now I know better.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Fun Animal Classification Game!

  1. Update: Victoria did it and beat Daryl (who missed two, but that was because he did the same wrong answer twice!) and me (who missed three). She went to the site and found a bunch of other games she really liked playing, including about cells and so on.

    Jack did the game and really liked it too. We helped him more and then afterwards Daryl named animals and had Jack guess which group they belonged to. It was a great mini lesson!


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