More Geology 101: Edible Rocks!

Beta mentioned getting ready to start an earth science unit the other day when I posted the geology cartoon.  Here’s another fun way to introduce the unit.  Make meteorite candy!

This activity has been designed as a comfortable introduction to describing meteorites. It helps students become better observers by making a connection between the familiar (candy bars) and the unfamiliar (meteorites).

Edible “rocks” are used in a scientific context, showing students the importance of observation, teamwork, and communication skills. Using everyday terms, students draw and describe the food.. They attempt to match their observations with short descriptions written in geologic “Field Note” style.

These six candies most closely represent meteorite characteristics:

1.  Peanut Brittle (chondrites)
2.  Rocky Road (chondrites)
3.  Thick Bar, Solid Chocolate (iron without fusion crust)
4.  3 Musketeers TM (achondrite with fusion crust)
5.  Rice Cereal Treats (meteorite regolith breccia)
6.  Chocolate brownie (carbonaceous chondirtes)

Get the lesson plan (and recipes) here.


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