5 Fun Ways to Learn Today

It’s not usually hard to find fun ways to homeschool in the summer time, but here’s a few ideas I had for spicing things up around here.

1.  Have a trivia obstacle course.  Set up an assortment of balance beams, hula hoops, kiddie pools and other props in some sort of fun way and get a stack of question cards from any educational game you happen to have (Kids’ Trivial Pursuit, Brainquest Cards, flash cards, that geography game you always meant to play…) or just make up some on your own.  Now challenge the kids to run the course, stopping at each station to answer a question before being able to move on.  Give one child a stop watch and the job of recording times.  Each child gets to run the course three times (with new questions each time) and keep his/her best score.

2.  Give the kids colored chalk and ask them to decoratively cover the driveway with math facts.  🙂

3.  Play FBI Most Wanted with garden bugs.  Give the kids a bug ID book and a bug box, net or jar.  Tell them they’re agents who have to rid the garden of evil.  Their assignment (should they accept it) is to find bugs, look them up and ascertain if they are on the side of good or evil in the garden.  Bad bugs should be captured and sent to prison (a location away from beloved garden plants).  Have them make up ID cards with pictures and descriptions of any criminals they catch.

4.  Spray math.  Put kids in bathing suits.  Turn on the hose.  Ask rapid fire math questions.  They have to answer in under 3 seconds.  Wrong answers or missed answers get sprayed!  Make sure you play this on a really hot day when it’s not so bad to get sprayed!

5.  Give the kids an outdoor thermometer and have them see how wide of a range of change in termperature they can find outside.  Help them hypothesize about the difference between full shade and the sunniest spot, and guess the temperature to begin with.  Place bets about what the temperature will be at 6 o’clock and at sunset.  If you’re up for a little flashlight science, have them perform the same tests after dark.  Is there still a difference in warmth in places that were in the sun all day?  If so, is it as much?  Is it warmer right in front of the flashlight?  Then head inside and see if it’s warmer or cooler in bed.  🙂


One thought on “5 Fun Ways to Learn Today

  1. Catching up on your blog. You guys always have fun. I am so glad your little guy bounced off the bush, how scary!

    One of your points in this point reminded me of a game they play here in Taiwan. The contestant sits in a chair on the lawn with a folded up umbrella near by, but not close enough to reach sitting down. The audience hold water sprayers in their hands. The host asks a question, the contestant answers. If corrrect, move on to the next one. If wrong, you guessed it, the audience sprays the contestant until he/she is able to open up the umbrella to stop the sprays. Fun times on a hot summer day.



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