Random Thoughts

I’ve been rather lazy about blogging lately.  Part of it is that we’ve been so busy.  Part is that it was so hot.  And part is that I’ve just been out of the mood.  I’m patient, though.  I figure the mood will come back.  🙂

But in the meantime, here’s a little catch up about what’s new here.

1.  They’ve changed my blog and I’m having a hard time with the new format.  It looks mostly the same on your end, but behind the scenes it’s like suddenly having a whole new face, voice and attitude on your husband.  I know it’s the same deep down, but I can’t find my footing yet.  I keep frowning at it and going away.

I don’t get all the symbols and sections.  I can’t type my usual rapid-fire way because it can’t keep up and if I make a mistake it takes 30 seconds for it to slowly back up and by then I’ve been too impatient and have hit backspace too many times and I’ve deleted my whole first paragraph.

This will take a little getting used to.  I may mope.  I’ll get over it, but I am darn good at moping and may even glare at my computer screen for a few days.  It’s how I am.  😉

2.  Both girls failed swimming.  My poor girls.  I don’t even know why, since they have become excellent swimmers and they were enjoying everything they were taught.  The only consolation is that it seems that almost everybody else in both classes failed too, which makes me think that:

a) they do not have realistic expectations


b) they do not have competent teachers.

This was Victoria’s 5th year and Anna’s 4th.  They both passed every single section of skills they were expected to master, but apparently missed one of the long lists of skills they were supposed to string together.

I believe it was something along the lines of  “Student will execute a shallow dive into the water, swim underwater to the other side, bark like a seal, backstroke back, turn into a magical pony, spit diamonds out of her ear, touch the bottom, hold her breath for 16 minutes and recite Keats while doing the breast stroke back.”  Or something like that.  I could be a little off.

3)  Jack quit T-ball.  Good grief, this boy makes me crazy.  (Yes, it’s all about me.)  I’m not even sure why.  All I know is that he got grumpier and grumpier about going and Daryl finally got tired of putting on his SuperDaddy hat and trying to make it fun enough.  My boy can be sweet and loving and funny and charming, but he can also be stubborn and sullen and dramatic and scowly.   T-ball was bringing all of that out in him, and I need to save my battles for the 80 things that are more important, like baths, vegetables and not whacking your sister.

4)  The girls finished their California Achievement Tests and they’re on their way back to Oregon or wherever they come from.  The tests, not the girls.

5)  The microwave died today.  I am not taking it well.

6)  Victoria and I converted percentages, decimals and fractions while walking around town today, and multiplied them.  I made it all into sales talk, because you may think you don’t need to multiply 80% by 65.5 until you run into a clearance sale at Dillards and it’s 80% off these snazzy jeans that were ridiculously priced at $65.50 to begin with and you still don’t know if you can afford them.  😉

7)  Jack’s reading is really taking off.  We have been reading together a lot and I love how he jumps in.  We read a really fun poetry book about spleens and things tonight.  I finally know what spleens do, or at least the part that rhymed happily in two stanzas.

8)  There is lots more — V’s lovely new bike that she bargained down, playdates and HyperDash and seedlings and art… but I am still scowly about this new format and tired of waiting for backspaces and typing in this odd little gray box.  (You SEE where Jack gets that scowly business?!)  Besides, this has gone on really long and has no pictures and there is probably not a soul reading it.  🙂

Tomorrow I will try to be shorter, prettier and wittier.  Wait, I will try to make my POST all of those things.   Oh yes, and less scowly.


6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I know what you mean. 🙂 At least we skipped right over another admin change that they did…

    To keep up with your typing, you could switch to the HTML tab.

    And for the menus on the side – click on the long line (I think) and it makes them wider with titles and not just symbols.

    (here, watch where I’m pointing)


  2. I’ll be patient with ya, Alicia. 😉 You’re much too precious to leave behind in search of an always sunny blogger! Hope everything becomes less frustrating with the new blog format.


  3. OK…I am WAY behind on reading blogs, but I was wondering about the spleen poetry. Do you remember the title / author? And I hear you about letting the blog slide for a while–I have too many other things I’d rather do in summer! Plain and simple.


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