10 Fun Ways We've Learned & Played Lately

Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been up to of late….

1.  Jack and I watched this invisible octopus since we were talking about the way sea creatures use camouflage recently.  Can you believe that it can do all of this and can only see in black and white?!

2.  Victoria got a new bike at a garage sale.  She bargained it down from $15 to $10.  After $1 worth of repairs with Daddy, it works great.  She loves it!

3.  We watched a parade for our town’s “Fun Days.”

Small obligatory rant:  Why do people in small town parades insist on throwing cheap candy into the street for the children to crawl around and dart out to retrieve when things like THIS are coming down the street???

4.  Alex and I spent part of the afternoon today chatting with his girlfriend and her mother.  The love of Alex’s life has moved in next door, you see.  She has wispy red hair and is 19 months old.  She talks much more than Alex does but he makes up for it in silly dances and smooches for her.  He does not love her enough to share his dinosaur, but he comes running when he hears her name.  He even serenaded her under her window with a song and dance after she went inside the other day.  🙂  He’s smitten.

5.  Victoria made some earrings for our fabulous friend Nancy and donated beads to her son Miles.

6.  Anna hit garage sales with Daddy and came home with earrings, nail polish and other goodies.  She offered pedicures to everybody, including Nancy’s son Logan (who has been smitten with her since toddler years and would probably happily let her paint his eyelids).  🙂

7.  Jack, Anna and Logan made their own pretend house in the back yard, complete with imaginary walls.  They also tried to build a tree house but still need to perfect their plans for that project.

8.  Daryl, Anna and Victoria are heading into the last week of rehearsals before the Wilder Pageant begins.  It’s been dress rehearsals every night and home late.  Victoria has been feeling especially burned out lately.  She loves all the friends she has at the pageant but it’s such a time commitment.  Anna has yet another new best friend in the cast and seems to be as gung ho as ever.  I think once performances start, it’ll all be worth it for all of them.  Opening night is a week from Friday!

9. Daryl picked up some badminton rackets and birdies at a garage sale and taught us all to play.  We have no net yet, so playing consists of heading to the school field across the street and bopping birdies up in the air at each other.  It works.  Not well, but it works!  We’re looking for a cheap net somewhere to take it to the next level though!

10. Swimming, trips to the lake, playing, bike riding, reading, walks, playing with friends outside, painting, shopping, gardening, climbing trees, playing catch, playing online, doing chores, writing letters, calling friends, doing workbooks, drawing, coloring, finding bugs, taking pictures, making up games, talking, fighting, making mud, bouncing on the trampoline, watching TV, playing with kittens and chickens, dressing up, watching fireworks, running errands, jumping rope, splashing in puddles, riding scooter, racing barefoot in the grass and occasionally collapsing in a bit of this


One thought on “10 Fun Ways We've Learned & Played Lately

  1. As always, I love reading about the magic in your lives! What great garage sale finds you’ve had lately. Garage sales bring us a great deal of joy & fun in the summer, too!

    That last picture is so sweet!


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