Driveway Math!

Here’s a quick and fun way we did math today.   Victoria and Jack helped me draw circles in sidewalk chalk on the driveway and write numbers in them, and then we played a hopping great math game with them.

For Jack, I said things like “take away 4” from the number he was on and he had to hop to it.  For Victoria, I just called out random math problems, mostly division.

It got tricky when they had to hop around each other or fit in the same circle.  The hopping was their favorite part!  Except for Victoria, who is far too mature and sophisticated to enjoy hopping in chalk circles, of course.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Driveway Math!

  1. Love it! We do something similar in the winter months with numbers written in circles on a vinyl tablecloth that we spread out on the living room floor. 🙂


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