Opening Night

My actors are off finishing opening night of the Wilder Pageant as I type.  In a few moments they’ll be bowing for an audience of hundreds (up to a thousand!) and signing autographs.  Then they’ll come home, exhausted and wired, stage makeup on their eyes and full of stories.

I’ll go see it with Grandma and Grandpa soon, but I’m not up to doing it alone with Jack and Alex.  The play doesn’t start until sundown (it’s outside, truly near the banks of Plum Creek, on a wonderful set with a big grass hill for the audience).  It would be so hard to keep Alex happy and contained for 2 hours starting just around bedtime!

It’s a beautiful night for it and I’m sure they blew everybody away.

We have been so busy and there’s so much I keep wanting to post, but I never seem to find enough time in one chunk.  I’ll post pageant pics tomorrow and oodles of stuff soon!  🙂


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