Consummate Professionals

Last night was the opening night for the Wilder Pageant and over 1,100 people were in the audience!  The boys and I will not go until next weekend at the earliest, so I won’t have pictures of exciting fires, locust plagues, horses and wagons, the creek or dugout or any of the other fantastic scenes until I get to go sit in the audience.

In the meantime, I had to share this story!

This is Annalee’s 5th year in the pageant.  She’s been acting in it since she was four years old and we originally got into the pageant because a friend said we had to find an outlet for Anna’s natural acting abilities.

This year (and last), she plays a little girl who steals Laura’s beloved doll and otherwise acts just horrid.  She does an outstanding job, as she does with every role.

In one scene, a little boy (Willie, I think) is supposed to come up and rip Anna’s writing slate out of her hands.  Her slate had broken and the set crew fixed it — with a staple gun.  It turns out that the large staples were jutting out all along the back side of her slate.

When Willie pulled the slate from her hands, he accidentally raked open both of her hands.

She barely gasped and kept right on with the scene, bleeding hands and all, never letting on that anything was wrong.

Then she went backstage and wailed for all she was worth.  🙂

Anybody who knows Annalee knows that she is an emotional and sensitive little thing.  When she gets hurt, you know it!  I was so impressed when I heard of how she finished the scene without a peep that I high fived her.  Oops.

The other two actors in the family are rocking it too, of course.  Victoria is so sick that she’s nearly lost her voice and she’s soldiering on so well that nobody has a clue.  She’s literally not talking all day to rest her voice, because it’s such a squeak as is.  And she is all sneezes and sniffles, taking cold medicine before leaving for the pageant site so it won’t interfere with her role.

And Daryl has been complimented in public twice about what a fantastic minister he makes.  I hear he’s very “comforting,” whatever that means.

I have a zillion pics to share of the fabulous festival in the park today, but I had to pop on first just to brag up my little girls.  What champs!


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