Ten Fun Ways We've Learned and Played Lately

I’m still playing catch-up here, especially with Victoria STILL sick and Jack and Alex both sick with some sort of flu that caused pretty high fevers the past couple of days.  Everybody but Anna is on forced rest, like it or not.  🙂

Here’s a bit of what we were up to before the boys got sick…

1.  Badminton! Daryl picked up some rackets at a garage sale and made a net out of an old hammock.  We’ve been playing every single day and loving it!  At first we were all pretty pitiful but we’ve all improved greatly and love seeing how many volleys we can get back and forth in a row.   It’s quite a workout!

2.  Tracked some money. Daryl got this dollar in change and he and the kids looked it up online to see where it was from and where it had been.

3.  Greek myths. I’ve been reading the kids Greek myths from a favorite book at bedtime.  Along the way, we’ve been talking about other subjects that sneak in (like word origins, history, similarities with some stories and bible stories, etc.).

4.  Daily walks. Alex dearly loves to go on walks and stroller rides, and with the weather nice there’s just no excuse not to go at least once a day.  Along the way we splash in puddles, collect egg shells, watch bugs, gather cool rocks, you name it.  I try to take just one child with me besides Alex, so we can talk while Alex rolls or explores.  It’s nice one-on-one time, and I even sneak in math problems until I get too many complaints.  😉

5.  Painting the set. Daryl took Jack and Anna with him to scrape and paint part of the set of the Wilder Pageant.  They did a great job!

6.  Drawing on the walls! Yes, with permission.  🙂  We have a bare white wall on the side of our staircase and it’s badly in need of a good scrubbing and a new coat of paint.  I had a few educational tidbits and children’s art stuck up there but I pulled them down and decided that we ought to jazz it up.  If we’re going to paint it or clean it anyway, why not let the kids have some fun and dress it up in the meantime?  So I traced squares for each of the older kids and gave them a pail of washable markers and instructions to do whatever they wanted in their squares.  They loved it!

Anna decided hers should be graffiti and gave herself a graffiti name (Fang!).  She also talked smack talk about herself and her sister in her square (later revised to be nicer, then changed again when Victoria annoyed her later).  That child!  Victoria was not impressed!  🙂

7.  Went to the mall! Okay, now this may not seem like a big deal to people in the real world, but this was a very big deal to my sheltered gang!  🙂  They actually said things like “We’re going to go to a REAL mall?!” and “Wow…..”.  Yes, they have taken part in archeological digs, met celebrities, been on TV and been on a lobster boat, but they were over the moon at the prospect of going to the mall.

(Worst picture of Alex ever!)

8.  Searched for worms and bugs. I had the kids looking for worms for the compost ball and showed Alex how to flip over rocks to find cool bugs.  He loved digging for worms and creepy crawlies and seeing what kind of creatures he could find!

9.  Reading, reading, reading. The big kids are reading to the little kids, the big kids are reading on their own and I’m reading to everybody.   They were planning on keeping track for the library summer reading program but it was too much trouble keeping track of them all and they really don’t need plastic toys and prizes to want to read so I’m actually a bit glad the forms ended up in the trash.  Jack is impatiently waiting for me to come down and read to him now, as a matter of fact.  Mama takes too long blogging!

10. Free play! What is summer without swinging like a monkey, making messes in the mud, stopping at the lake, playing in the sandbox, swinging, sliding, swimming, building,  playing in the rain, running through the yard after dark, searching for fireflies, picking flowers and lazing around in the sun?  And the kids have been busy too!  😉


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