5 Fun Ways to Learn This Week

It’s kind of gray and dreary here today.  Daryl and the little kids are off working on the set and he and the girls have a performance tonight.  Victoria is home sick and playing the physics game I posted before.   Tomorrow we’re heading to Mankato so the girls can volunteer (in period costume) at a Betsy and Tacy event.  Victoria wants to know if we can please not be so busy soon, poor girl.  Our summers are always so full!

I’m hoping to have some lazy time at home after this weekend.  I want to have time to watch a period movie about Minnesota in the early 1900’s for an immigrant girl (a Swedish mail order bride in a small farming town) with the girls.  We also have “Horton Hears a Who” and the girls have not had a chance to see it yet.  I’d like to hit the library and get piles of new books to rack up fines with (it seems to be my style lately!) and do some art and play some badminton and just enjoy nature.

I’d also like to sneak in some fun homeschool.  Here’s some plans I had.

1.  Play Math Swat. Tape numbers to the table, with lots of room in between.  Give each child a fly swatter.  Ask them math questions and have them swat the answer.

2.  Play “Historic Who am I?”. Write down 20 or so names of famous people from history and have the kids draw names and then answer questions to help the others guess who they are.  Possible names (people my gang are familiar with):  George Washington; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Edgar Allen Poe; Harriet Tubman; George W.  Bush; Laura Ingalls Wilder; Johnny Cash; Michael Jackson; Abraham Lincoln; William Shakespeare; Dr. Seuss; Paul Revere; Ludwig ban Beethoven; Barack Obama; Vincent van Gogh; Albert Einstein; Charles Darwin; Marilyn Monroe; Hammurabi…

3.  Write reviews. Have them write a review on Amazon.com for one book or product they love and one they hate.   Talk about what persuasive means and encourage them to try to be really persuasive.  Help with spelling and punctuation, if needed.

4.  Try some hair science. We’ve all heard that lemon juice is supposed to lighten hair if you spray it on and then go in the sun.  Hydrogen peroxide is supposed to lighten hair even without the sun.  Have the kids brush their hair and gather up the hair in the hairbrush or save some locks from their next haircut to see just how well those things would work.  Give them a small dish of each liquid and let them experiment to see how they would change their own hair.

5.  Go on an error hunt. My girls love doing this.  Take the kids and a camera and go off into the community in search of mistakes– grammatical, spelling, punctuation, you name it.  Photograph each error (submit them to one of the blog sites for apostrophe crimes and such if you like).  If you have a blog, link here to show off your finds!


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