A Day at the Walnut Grove Family Festival

During pageant season, Walnut Grove is filled with tourists and there are lots of activities.   Every weekend they hold a Family Festival in the park with different fun each time.  Here’s a few pictures from last Saturday….

Making crafts

(With stage makeup still lingering from last night)

Playing games

Alex misses the point of the bean bag toss and horse shoes!

Kids in the Nellie Look-alike Contest

(There were nearly 50 Lauras but only a handful of Nellies trying out.  The girls were judged on looking like the characters, acting out lines and knowing trivia about the Little House books.  Winners get to have small roles in the pageant that night.)

Prairie dresses and bonnets for sale

Fresh Hmong spring rolls hand rolled and fried as you wait (Walnut Grove has a large Hmong community now and great Hmong foods!)

A passing dad heard me tell Jack I didn’t have any cash to get him ice cream & handed him a dollar!  It was very sweet and made Jack’s day!  I had money back by Daryl but the man handed him the money & kept walking with a smile.  He seemed  so happy to make Jack’s day that I just thanked him gratefully.  I thought he set a wonderful example for his little boy & mine.  🙂

Costumed reenactors strolled around & demonstrated old-time skills

We had to try a lychee “nut” smoothie from the Hmong stand because we’d never had lychee nuts and it was educational!  😉  (It turns out they’re misnamed and are dried fruits and not nuts at all!  See, it was educational!)

The smoothie was delicious.  The lychee are rather tasteless, though, and have the consistency of really hard jello!

Then there were the pony rides….

And puppies!

Jack and Alex loved the treasure hunt in the dried corn

And I came home with this treasure, new and hand made, for $7!

I told Daryl I had no choice– it was pretty AND educational!  😉

Daryl says it’s incorrect because Nunavut isn’t on it.  We can study Nunavut elsewhere.  We’ve already dragged it out for lying in the sun, playing cards and using in the tent in the back yard.  I love it.

It was a wonderful day!  We also got a signed book and DVD about Jessie James and where he stayed when he was in the area (the Younger Brothers were captured nearby and family legend has it that Daryl’s great grandfather traded horses with Jessie James’ gang when they went through Elysian).  We made butter, saw friends, chatted with people who recognized Daryl and the girls from the pageant, played at the playground, bought trinkets and generally had a very nice day.

Daryl, Jack, Alex and Anna went again today and did more fun stuff.  Victoria and I stayed home and played games on the computer.  Some days it doesn’t matter how much fun there is to be had, you just want to stay home and putter.  🙂


One thought on “A Day at the Walnut Grove Family Festival

  1. Looks like you had a great time! We’d love to spend a day there.

    Funny about the Hmong booth (I’ve got to go educate myself on the Hmong now, as I know nothing about them) being there among all the Walnut Grove stuff.

    Just so you know, lychee fruit does really have flavor, particularly if you get it fresh. Then it is sticky and sweet. If my memory serves me well, canned lychees taste pretty much like the fresh (though it’s been more than 25 years since I’ve had canned). 😀

    Glad to see V. looking healthy and happy now!


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